Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Update :)

Well after a big scare that the council weren't going to approve the house on the block and Burbank doing some last minute scrambling with plans and engineering we now finally have our building permit 

It's been all systems go since and we have also signed our final drawings and we have now been handed over to construction!! WOOOOOO HOOOO!!! :D

So after putting down our $1000 deposit in January and a few hiccups along the way with land and finance our house is days away from getting started!!!! We are so excited!!! :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time For An Update

It has been a while, and we have finally had some progress!! :)

Over the last couple of weeks we have had developer and council approval!! Finally!!

And today we were booked in to do our contract signing on Tuesday!! Woooo hoooo!!

We are finally on the move and hopefully not too far away our dream home being started!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The waiting is killing us!!!

After everything finally coming together with the land settlement and finance approval for construction...we are now in limbo waiting, waiting, waiting....

We are currently waiting for the council to give approval for us to put fill to the back of the block (over the easement) to level the block up for the house slab. Once we have this approval (hopefully sometime this week) our file will be sent to the developer for approval, once we have that we can finally sign our building contract and get this show on the road!!!

Shopping :)

We might not have a house yet, but it will be fully furnished by the time it's built if we keep this up LOL!
Over the last week we have put a few items on lay-by... chocolate coloured bathroom accessories (liquid soap holder and tooth brush holder) and stainless steel toilet sets (toilet roll holder, toilet brush and small bin)

And the big purchases we made on the weekend at an awesome price

Our New TV Cabinet

Our New Coffee Table

Our New Lamp Table

And we also got a hall table which I don't have a picture of....

Absolutely loving shopping for this house and bringing the whole look together!! I can't wait to be able to see it all come together!! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The week that was...

The last week has been full steam ahead in many respects...

Settlement of our land final went through after 3 weeks of delays!! Wooo hooo!!

This week we also received our conditional approval for construction!!

I also spoke with our contract administrator at burbank during the week and she advised that we were approximately 6 weeks away from our file being handed to the construction department. From what I've read with other people who have built with burbank, it usually takes approximately 2-4 weeks from when the file goes to construction that the build commences. So hopefully by the end of November our house will be started!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Colour Selections!!! :)

Today was a massive step in the process of getting our house on the way.... colour selections!!!!

We had a fantatstic day in The EdgeColour Studio. We had been on a walk through of the selection centre prior to today which was a massive help. We went in quite prepared and what can some times take 8 hours for some people for colour and electrical selection, took us approx 4 hours (including a 45min break for lunch)

Our brick - Boral Mangrove - Flush Off White Mortar

 Roof Tile - Magnum
Gutter, Fascia and Downpipes - Colourbond Monument

Exterior Colour Selections

Roof tile, Bricks, Gutter,Fascia and Downpipes as above
Garage Door - Manor Red
Eco Classic Black Double Glazed Windows
Render - Colourbond Paperbark
Front Door - Black Wood Stain (piece of wood at bottom of pic)
Driveway - Charcoal (Circle at bottom of pic)

Interior Colour Selections -Kitchen & Laundry

Stone Bench Top - New Diamond White
Glass Splashback - Stone
Overhead Cabinets - Frosty White
Base Cabinets - Concept Oak (Also Cabinet in Laundry)
Spalshback & Laundry tiles - Ash Gloss 300 x 100 (Mudberry Grout)
Wall Paint - Moon River
Floor Tiles - AT Stone Grey 300 x 600 (Mudberry Grout)

Interior selections with carpet
Carpet - Braewood - Coffee

Interior Selections -Bathroom & Ensuite

Floor & Wall Tiles - AT Stone Grey 300 x 600 (Mudberry Grout)
Bath Hob Tiles - Ash Gloss 300 x 100 (Mudberry Grout)
Cabinets - Shadow
Laminate Bench Top - Frosty White Mirage (also bench top in Laundry)

Westinghouse Dishwasher

Westinghouse 900mm Oven

Westinghouse 900mm Rangehood

We have everything, even the kitchen sink!!

Bathroom and Ensuite Sink


Square Shower Head

Holland Roller Blinds - Latte

The process so far...

To date we have chosen our block and floor plan.
Soil tests have been performed.
Our initial write up has been received.
Our first set of working drawings have been received.

To date we have found Burbank to be great to deal with! Our sales person is fantastic!! (If your ever looking to build with Burbank let us know and we will pass on her details) The admin teams have been great!

Our dream

Our dream started early this year when we decided we wanted to build our own home..

This started with the hunt for land and dream floor plan

After a few false starts we found our block and we are now awaiting settlement

Next came the floor plan of our dream home